Does a day out sound appealing to you? The Groene Hart (Green Heart in the middle of the four cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht & The Hague.) offers numerous activities for all ages, including canoe trips and visits to museums. Take a look at the list of nearby outings below.

Canoeing & Boating

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Our farm is situated along the route of the Oude Hollandse Waterlinie. There is a dedicated dock for sloops on the Grecht. The lock in Woerdense Verlaat serves as a significant connection between the canal the Grecht and the Kromme Mijdrecht, intersecting with both the Luxembourg and Michiel de Ruyter routes. You can further explore the Nieuwkoopse Plassen by passing through the Slikkendammersluis.


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Lusthof De Haeck and the Westveense polderroute are conveniently located within walking distance, offering a beautiful hiking experience. Additionally, Woerdense Verlaat serves as a point of intersection for the Marskramerpad and Groene Hartpad, providing even more opportunities for scenic walks.


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Explore the beauty of the Green Heart region by cycling through the Vlinder Fladder Route, Rampjaar Route, and Long Distance Waterlinie routes. For a unique accommodation experience, spend the night in a charming haystack cabin along the way.


Indulge in your passion for archery and sword fighting at Archeon in Alphen aan den Rijn. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of history as you journey through the prehistoric era, the Roman period, and the medieval times. Brace yourself for an exciting and enjoyable day out!

City museum Woerden

Exploring Woerden through a historical city walk is highly recommended, with the option of visiting the town museum.

Additionally, don’t miss out on the market on Wednesdays and the local produce market on Saturdays.

Avifauna Bird Park

Embark on a breathtaking walk through Avifauna bird park and marvel at its extraordinary avian inhabitants. Explore different routes, such as a scenic trail around the serene pond or a captivating path leading to the owl mountain. Alongside the magnificent birds, you’ll encounter squirrel monkeys, lemurs, and red pandas.

Recreational activities along the Grecht

The Grecht offers a wonderful recreational experience, with options for swimming or fishing. There is something for everyone, including the opportunity to dock your boat and stay overnight in a charming haystack cabin in the meadow.

Petting zoo Oortjespad

Located amidst the meadows, Oortjespad boasts a unique children’s farm. This recreational area also features a toddler pool, a fishing pond, play areas with playground equipment, ample parking, and convenient toilet facilities.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

In Woerden, you can enjoy an indoor swimming pool with a competition pool and a recreational pool featuring a whitewater area and slide. BatensteinBuiten* is the ultimate splash, sports, and play destination in Woerden, offering a fantastic water playground, mini-golf, a sand playground, zip line, air trampoline, a lovely terrace, and more!

In Nieuwkoop, there is an indoor pool called “De Wel.”

In Nieuwveen, you can visit the outdoor pool “Aarweide.”

*Free entry.

To discover more activities in the surrounding area, visit the website of Ontdek Nieuwkoop and the Green Heart region for additional options.