All Farm Pictures

We are dairy farmers. The milk from our cows goes to the Leerdammer factory, where cheese is made. Leerdammer kaas. We would be happy to let you try the milk of our own cows.

The female young cattle are raised on the farm until they become adult cows. When the heifer calves for the first time, milk production starts. The first milk (colostrum) goes straight to the calf for a decent start to growth. After 2 to 3 days the calf is given artificial milk which contains all the vitamins it needs. The calf gets access to fresh water, hay and calf food.

Besides that we have sheep, rabbits, chickens, 2 cats and a dog. Both children and adults can get to know the animals and enjoy the outdoor life.

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Sheep giving birth

Watch how our sheep Jolie gives birth to Jans. Her little brother Jan was born half an hour earlier without any help.