All Farm Pictures

Here are some pictures of our farm. Along with cows and calves, we also have sheep, chickens, cats, bunnies, and a dog. If you’re interested, our dog Kato enjoys keeping guests company;) Click here to watch a video of a lamb being born.

We are dairy farmers. The milk from our cows goes to the Leerdammer factory, where cheese is made. Leerdammer kaas. We would be happy to let you experience the true taste of our farm by trying a glass of milk straight from our cows.

Once the cows start calving, milk production begins, and the cow is now called a heifer. We prioritize the newborn calf’s health by providing them with the first milk, known as colostrum, for best growth. After two to three days, the calf transitions to artificial milk, formulated with essential vitamins. We ensure our calves have access to fresh water, hay, and calf food.

Additionally, our farm houses an array of animals, including sheep, rabbits, chickens, two cats, and a dog. We warmly invite you to experience our farm firsthand and get to know the animals while enjoying the beauty of outdoor life.

If you’re interested, we would be delighted to provide you with a tour of our farm.

Sheep giving birth

Observe the natural wonder of Jolie, our sheep, giving birth to Jans. Her younger brother, Jan, arrived half an hour prior, without any assistance.