Circular Haystack cabins

Spending the night at the farmer’s provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the farm life experience. A warm welcome awaits you!

Sleeping in a haystack cabin means enjoying the peace of the countryside, but with the luxury of a holiday home. Perfect for up to 5 guests, these cabins come equipped with eco-friendly amenities such as energy-saving showers and compost toilets. Situated alongside a nature-friendly bank and surrounded by meadows with grazing cows and sheep (Cows are outside from April until November.), it’s an ideal destination for those seeking a sustainable and nature-immersive getaway. To learn more about our circular approach, click here.

Check-in time starts at 3:00 PM, and guests are kindly requested to check-out by 10:30 AM. Please note that arrival days are available from Monday to Saturday.

Stay overnight in a Haystack Cabin


The construction materials used are sourced from cultivation programs with a sustainable objective, aiming to minimize waste. Among other things we use a compost toilet system, helophyte filter and solar water heaters. Want to know more? Click here:


A Circular Haystack Cabin. What does that mean?

The construction materials used are sourced from cultivation programs with a sustainable objective, aiming to minimize waste.

Schapenwol & Olifantengras als isolatiemateriaal
Walls insulated with Sheep's Wool & Grass Insulation

Biobased Construction Materials

Using biobased construction materials sourced from the local region helps minimize environmental impact. The cabin’s floors are made of circular, biobased, prefab concrete containing recycled elephant grass and concrete rubble granulate. Additionally, the walls incorporate grass insulation and wool from our own sheep, further enhancing sustainability efforts.

Biobased Paint

The woodwork is coated with biobased paint, providing protection and increasing its durability. All biobased clear paint and lacquer are water-based, odorless, and environmentally friendly, ensuring a safe and sustainable choice for both people and the environment.

Biobased lak
Biobased Paint
Our Helofyte filter

Compost toilet system & Helophyte filter

Our approach involves utilizing a compost toilet system, where waste materials are processed and broken down into compost using wood shavings. This method allows for a 95% decomposition rate, resulting in compost material for our garden. By not discharging water from the toilet, we conserve a significant amount of drinkable water. Furthermore, we ensure 100% composting of sanitary wastewater through a helophytic filter, while using natural-friendly toilet paper and cleaning agents.


Sustainable Energy

To meet our energy needs for heating and lighting, we embrace sustainable practices. Our cabins are equipped with environmentally friendly technologies, such as heat pumps and solar panels, ensuring efficient and renewable energy supply for floor heating and other requirements.

A solar water heater on one of the cabins.

If you have any questions regarding the haystack cabins or circularity, feel free to reach out to us!


This video showcases the construction process of our haystack cabins and shares the inspiration behind this idea, which serves as an expansion of our agricultural business.